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10 Health & Wellness Resources

10 Health and Wellness Resources

Even if you don't teach health or physical education, these resources can help reinforce key concepts in a variety of settings. Explore new ways to help students learn about exercise, the human body, and much more. Discover additional wellness resources created by providers on HMH Marketplace.

Tom the Turkey Takes a Break (Get Fit Action Story)

What happens when Tom the Turkey decides not to participate in Thanksgiving? Help kids get fit while reading when you use this active learning book in class. This resource includes listening and sight words that are physically acted out when read aloud. Grades PreK-1. By Beth Hammett.
Download for $2.99

Playground Club Quick Kit

Teacher Peach says to help make your playground a more inclusive place, this kit makes it easy to start and maintain a Playground Club as part of your Back to School activities. This resource includes ready-to-use templates, posters, postcards, stickers, charts and certificates. Grades 1-5. By Teacher Peach.
Download for $4.99

A Burning (Calorie) Documentary

Meridian Stories says that this Digital Storytelling Unit challenges student teams to address curricular issues through the creation of a video or audio narrative. Students must think of different activities to do that will burn calories, and then they are asked to document them. Grade 6-12. By Meridian Stories.
Download for $5.00

Sport Bingo

This sport-themed resource includes 20 boards and cards for 2 levels of play. Just laminate or print on card stock and it's ready to go. Use it for independent group time. The Autism Helper says that this game is a great way to work on thematic vocabulary and taking turns. Grade PreK-7. By The Autism Helper.
Download for $4.50

Nonfiction for the Common Core: Health and Wellness

Digital Content Colleague says that this nonfiction guide was designed to help teachers make digital connections to literature, and prepare students for Common Core response questions. It includes links to two online articles and an answer key is also provided. Grade 5. By Digital Content Colleague.
Download for $3.00

Improve Your Groove

This resource is Module 4 of the Hip Hop Healthy Heart for Children Program. The different units included are Physical Activity and Exercise, Health Benefits, Foods That Power Our Heart, Clap For Life and Create Your Own Fitness Plan. Grades 4-6. By Hip Hop Healthy Heart Program for Children.
Download for $75.00

The Human Body

With this activity, students explore the human body by labeling its parts on a digital worksheet. The resource includes academic applications, essential questions and step-by-step instructions. Grades 2-3. By Ask a Tech Teacher.
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Hooray for Human Anatomy says that this workbook features diagrams that are a sight for sore eyes. Activities include color-by-number cells, define cell parts, your respiratory system, muscle word search, kidneys and intestines, your body, and more. Grades 4-5. By
Download for $4.99

The Heart and Circulation Interactive Software

This resource illustrates the circulation of blood through the heart and focuses on the difference between oxygenated and deoxygenated blood. It includes a worksheet and quiz to test students' knowledge of how the heart functions. This software is compatible with Windows-based computers. Grades 1-7. By Daydream Education.
Download for $12.00

Effect of Exercise for Google and Microsoft OneDrive

The Teacher Team says that this digital resource can be used at home using a 1:1 device environment or in Health, Physical Education, Anatomy, Biology or Life Science classes. Students will learn about a heartbeat rate, taking a pulse and will be asked to hypothesize about the effects of exercise. Grades 5-12. By The Teacher Team.
Download for $3.99

Health and Safety Worktext

This resource comes with 37 lessons that focus on a variety of topics, such as Prevention, Medical Attention, Handling Health Problems, Avoiding Hazards and more. Grade 9-12. By Saddleback Educational Publishing.
Download for $25.95