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Spring has finally arrived! Here are some resources from a variety of providers on HMH Marketplace that can help you celebrate the season in your classroom.

Spring Is Here!

Wendy Nicole says that this outdoor activity allows students to engage with nature and practice their observational skills, as they identify signs that spring is coming. Grades PreK-1. By Wendy Nicole. 
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Spring Interactive Glyphs

With this resource students will answer questions about their likes and dislikes, and then use their answers to color in the Spring-themed glyphs. Grades 1-8. By Mixminder.  
Download for $3.00

Spring Vegetable Garden Signs

HappyEdugator says that with this fun literacy activity, students can practice their vocabulary, reading, writing and fine motor skills as they identify different vegetables. Use this resource with other lessons about seeds or planting projects. Grades PreK-2. By HappyEdugator. 
Download for $2.50

Plant Life Cycle Presentation

The Teacher's Post states that this differentiated presentation is an excellent set of slides for teaching your students about the lifecycle of plants. Grades K-1. By The Teacher's Post.
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Garden Club Quick Kit

Teacher Peach says that this resource is a great way to incorporate hands-on Earth Science into the classroom.  It includes templates for club meeting announcements, plans and activities. Grades PreK-8.  By Teacher Peach. 
Download for $4.99

Spring Themed Sequencing File Folder Activities

This resource includes instructions and printables to make 2 file folder activities to practice sequencing. The Autism Helper says that it can be a challenging skill for students, but essential to demonstrate time orientation. Grades PreK - 6. By The Autism Helper.  
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Butterfly Unit Close Reading and Questions

The Teacher Team writes that their Butterfly Unit Close Reading packet contains Butterfly-themed nonfiction reading passages, plus vocabulary cards, text-dependent questions, charts, and other fun activities for your students to study or complete. Grades 2 - 5. By The Teacher Team.  
Download for $8.99

Photosynthesis Interactive Software

Daydream Education says that their software demonstrates how plants use chlorophyll and sunlight to turn carbon dioxide and water into glucose throughout the photosynthesis process. Grades 1-7. By Daydream Education.
Download for $12.009246

The Life Cycle of a Butterfly

This mini book on the life cycle of a butterfly includes pictures and sentences for students to color and read, as well as, sequencing cards for students to put in order. Grades PreK - 2. By Two Creative Co-workers.  
Download for $4.50

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Literature Kit Gr. 1-2

Classroom Complete Press says that this kit includes discussion questions, graphic organizers, quizzes, and other activities to help engage your students in their reading. Grades 1-2. By Classroom Complete Press.
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Weather & Seasons says that this series about the seasons will shine for any kid. It includes matching games and other art projects about the four different seasons. Grades PreK - K. By  
Download for $4.99

Pollywog Pond: Classroom Edition 

Whooplah says that Pollywog Pond is a fun video game portal to music that offers reading, videos, games, and emphasizes problem solving, social and emotional literacy, and teamwork. Grades PreK-6. By Whooplah.
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