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10 Resources for Autumn

10 Resources for Autumn

Fall is here! Celebrate the start of the season in your classroom with these games and activities from a variety of providers on HMH Marketplace. Explore these resources and more as summer comes to an end.

Pumpkin Emotions

Winged One says to use these engaging pumpkins to help students review basic emotions or to use as a memory game. A poster is also included in this resource. Grades K-1. By Winged One.
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Spanish Fall Worksheets & Games

This booklet has 12 pages of different vocabulary words, and comes with worksheets, games and a pronunciation guide for students. Such terms as rake, apple, hay, acorn, leaves, and scarecrow are translated into Spanish. Grades K-5. By Mixminder.
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Fall Recipe Units

This packet contains 3 different recipes that all come with seasonal activities. Learn how to make Pumpkin Fluff, Caramel Apple Nachos, and Harvest Trail Mix. The Autism Helper says that cooking is great for language development, sequencing, fine motor skills, reading and following directions. Grades PreK-K. By The Autism Helper.
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Falling Leaf Spelling Activities

This resource comes with 15 Fall-themed scenes for vowel practice. Students can color the scenes, make words, compare answers and play games. Beth Hammett says that this is great for consonants, vowels, spelling, vocabulary, writing and assessments. Grades PreK-2. By Beth Hammett.
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Harvest Time with Papa

This story by Karilynn Benjamin is about a young girl helping her Papa harvest grain on their wheat farm in Montana. A PDF eBook and accompanying audio file are included in this resource so students to read and listen along to the story. Grades 3-5. By Cricket Media.
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Letter Formation

This resource is Module 4 of the Hip Hop Healthy Heart for Children Program. The different units included are Physical Activity and Exercise, Health Benefits, Foods That Power Our Heart, Clap For Life and Create Your Own Fitness Plan. Grades 4-6. By Hip Hop Healthy Heart Program for Children.
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Fall Reading Bundle

This no-prep bundle includes 4 Fall-themed reading passages, and each comes with vocabulary and reading comprehension questions. Laura Torres says that a coordinating writing prompt to each article will help students develop critical thinking skills about the topic. Grades 5-8. By Laura Torres.
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Seasons and Weather Activities

This app includes word review, matching and flashcard activities. Fall, sunny, rain, windy, chilly and falling leaves are just some of the many words on the weather and seasons vocabulary list. Speak Agent says that their materials run on computers, tablets and interactive whiteboards. Grades K-4. By Speak Agent.
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The Life Cycle of a Pumpkin

This printable mini book contains graphics and sentences for students to color, trace and read. Ask students to put the life cycle in the correct order with the sequencing cards that are also included. The cards can be cut and laminated for use in small or whole group lessons. Grades PreK-2. By Two Creative Co-workers.
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The Stranger Supplementary Guide

This picture book guide is to help teachers make digital connections to literature as they prepare students for Common Core extended response questions. 5 guiding questions are included on printable pages that can be used for whole class discussions or individual essay responses. Grades3-5. By Digital Content Colleagues.
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