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14 Back to School Icebreakers & Games

14 Back to School Icebreakers & Games

There are so many creative ways to help students learn about each other on the first day of school. Here are 14 resources from a variety of providers that could help you break the ice and have some fun in class. Explore even more back to school resources on HMH Marketplace.

9 Digital 'Getting to Know You' Activities

Infuse technology into your back to school plans with these nine ideas for getting to know your students. Grades 3-5. By Digital Content Colleague.
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First Day of School Mad Lib®

Download this original story and have students add in their own words. Presto Plans says to use this activity during the first days of school to get your students laughing and having fun. Grades 3-6. By Presto Plans.
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Back to School No Prep Printables

These math, language arts and literacy worksheets feature a back to school theme and include many different activity levels. Use these for morning work, a skills review, or as an assessment. Send them home or have them ready for a substitute teacher. Grades 2-4. By Mixminder.
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All About Me Glyphs

This resource includes 3 glyphs: All About Me, Learning Styles, and My Favorites. Students can pick different pictures and use color to express potential learning styles and preferences. Promoting Success says that this is a great quick assessment for your classroom. Grades 1-3. By Promoting Success.
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Student Self-Analysis Survey

This multiple intelligence self-analysis survey for students gives them a chance to understand and analyze their own learning style. Grades 4-8. By HappyEdugator.
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Back to School Bundle for Middle School

This bundle includes assignments, activities, and posters for middle school students. Presto Plans says that your first week back will be easy with these engaging resources. Grades 6-8. By Presto Plans.
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All About Me Puzzle

HappyEdugator says that this is a fun beginning of the year activity. Students decorate the puzzle about themselves and can then share it with the whole class. Hand it out on the first day, or send it home as the first homework assignment. Grades 3-6. By HappyEdugator.
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Back to School Make-a-Book Project

This resource includes 56 handouts ready for students to color, write, bind, and publish. Beth Hammett says that this resource is excellent for introducing writing process, ELA mini-lessons, peer workshopping, reading, vocabulary, and more. Grades K-5. By Beth Hammett.
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Back to School Passport Activity

This resource allows students to share information about themselves, meet their classmates, and set goals for the year. Students get their own passport and 'travel' to different stations to complete assignments and get their passport stamped. Grades 5-8. By Presto Plans.
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Drama Circle Activity

Susan Powers PYP Teaching Tools says that this back to school-themed drama circle is a fun way to bring out the risk taking and creativity skills in your students. Students practice cooperation and communication skills as they act out the instructions on the 32 printable cards. Grades 3-6. By Susan Powers PYP Teaching Tools.
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All About Me Writing Activities

Promoting Success says this craftivity is a great way to get to know your students at the beginning of the year. Once completed, you can hang the owls on a bulletin board with the title, "Hoo are You?!" Grades K-3. By Promoting Success.
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Bucket List: First Day Goals Activity

Start your year with this interactive notebook style assignment. Students make a bucket list of 5 things they want to accomplish this year. At the end of the year, reflect back on this activity to see if students met their goals. Grades 3-6. By Presto Plans.
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Back to School Coloring Handouts for Early Learners

Beth Hammett suggests these handouts for a simple and fun activity to do with youngsters. This download includes 20 black and white school-themed coloring sheets. Grades PreK-4. By Beth Hammett.
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Snowball Icebreaker

This is an interactive activity that can be used in any subject for the first day of school introductions and attendance. Everyone participates and gets a chance to share three facts about their fellow classmates. Grades 5-12. By Presto Plans.
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