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10 Full-Year English Language Arts Resources for Grades K-5.

10 Full-Year English Language Arts Resources for Grades K-5

As you are heading back to school, now is a good time to plan and organize all the supplemental materials you’ll need in your classroom for the entire year. Explore our List of Language Arts resources from a variety of providers, and find these and more for Grades K-5 on HMH Marketplace.

Journeys 2017 1st Grade Units 1-6 Full Year Bundle

The Teacher Team says that this resource contains a variety of activities that are designed to teach, practice or assess the lessons taught throughout the different units. Also, check out the Unit 1-6 bundles for 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, and 5th Grade. Grade 1. By The Teacher Team.
Download for $39.99

Independent Reading Journal

Each page of this journal represents a month in the school year. Students will write a quick book summary by answering a question in greater detail as the year progresses. There is a section for teachers to share comments and make future reading suggestions. Grades 1-3. By Wendy Nicole.
Download for $2.00

180 Days of Writing for Kindergarten

Shell Education says that with these easy-to-use activities, which are in creative, theme-based units, students can practice writing argument/opinion, informative/explanatory, and narrative pieces, while also strengthening their language and grammar skills. Resources for First Grade, Second Grade, Third Grade, Fourth Grade and Fifth Grade also exist in this series. Grade K. By Shell Education.
Download for $19.99

150 Vocabulary Words for Early Childhood or Special Education

This packet contains flashcards and the definitions of commonly used words. The Autism Helper says that there are enough in this resource to do five words a week for the entire school year. Also included is a data sheet, weekly vocabulary list for students to complete, and a homework form. Grades K-5. By The Autism Helper.
Download for $8.50

Digital Reading Intervention in the Classroom

MD4 Reading says that this practical, cost effective research-based reading intervention application uses digital technology to create simulations and games that build neuro-pathways by exercising areas of the brain that are used for reading. It is aligned with the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. Grades 1-12. By MD4 Reading.
Download for $49.00

Teaching Essay Strategies

This user-friendly, step-by-step program includes writing worksheets, writing openers, and the essay e-comments download. Pennington Publishing says that this is a comprehensive full year curriculum that is designed to help upper elementary school teachers teach the essay components of the Common Core Writing Standards. Grades 4-10. By Pennington Publishing.
Download for $49.99

180 Days of Language for Kindergarten

Shell Education says that this easy-to-use resource provides students with daily practice activities to build grammar, punctuation, capitalization and spelling skills, and that it’s perfect for teachers to use in school or for parents to use at home. Resources for First Grade, Second Grade, Third Grade, Fourth Grade and Fifth Grade also exist in this series. Grade K. By Shell Education.
Download for $19.99

High Frequency Words Game

Mrs. Cortes says that this is a fun game to reinforce the reading of high frequency words. You only need a dry erase board, some dice, and the different boards that are included in this resource to play. It also includes in recording sheet so students can practice writing the words too. Grades K-2. By Mrs Cortes.
Download for $8.00

Word Families Bundle

This packet contains 77 word families, and it can be used for morning work, homework, test prep or extra practice. Students will be able to color, cut and paste their way through this bundle. Promoting Success says that this resource works well for students who have autism, are emergent readers, or those who are taking ESL lessons. Grades 1-2. By Promoting Success.
Download for $14.95

Homework for Kindergarten

This resource includes 120 homework sheets to use throughout the school year so students can practice their skills in accordance with the Common Core State Standards. Each homework worksheet includes language arts and math problems. You can use this resource for morning work, as an in-class assignment, a daily review, or at the end of the school year. Grades PreK-K. By Mixminder.
Download for $18.00