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Getting Students “Animated” about Math

Students will be amazed to learn the technical and mathematical knowledge involved with creating the animations in the interactive games and movies they love can be found right in their very own textbooks and lesson assignments.

Historically, animators had to hand-draw every frame in a very labor-intensive process. Today, animation is (for the most part) created with high-intensity graphics and 3D modeling, which are squarely rooted in geometry.

Are you interested in introducing students to the behind-the-scenes world of animation? Read the full article on HMH's The Spark to read about two suggestions that can serve double purposes:

Read the full article on HMH's The Spark

What are your favorite ways to get kids animated to learn more complex math concepts? Do you incorporate interactive resources into your lessons? Check out these related resources from providers on HMH Marketplace:

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    Mathventure Interactive eBooks

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