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Resources for March

12 Resources for March

Welcome to March! As you are preparing your lesson plans and in-classroom activities this month, discover these resources by a variety of providers on HMH Marketplace.

March Early Finishers Booklet

Winged One says that this booklet of creative and critical thinking activities includes games, coloring pages, poems, and more. Grades 2-3. By Winged One.
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Probability Projects for March Madness

Education with DocRunning says that this set of activities is appropriate to use as an introduction to probability or as a culminating activity for a unit. Students will explore the probability of which teams will win by using historical data and statistics. Grades 6-10. By Education with DocRunning.
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St. Patrick's Day Facts and Resources with Coloring Sheets

Beth Hammett says that these coloring pages include fact sheets, a poem, and other fun St. Patrick's Day themed activities for your classroom. Grades PreK-3. By Beth Hammett.
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St. Patrick's Day Drama Circle Activity

This resource includes two sets of 26 cards. Susan Powers PYP Teaching Tools says that this drama circle activity is a great way for students to develop their listening and observational skills. It can be used with group work. Grades 3-6. By Susan Powers PYP Teaching Tools.
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St. Patrick's Day Writing Centers

According to Mixminder, this St. Patrick's Day-themed activity can be used at writing centers or work stations. Students will be asked to write limericks, wishes and how they would persuade a leprechaun. Grades 1-4. By Mixminder.
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St. Patrick's Day Color By Letter

The Teacher's Post says that this color-by-letter activity helps to promote letter recognition and reinforce fine motor skills. Grades PreK-K. By The Teacher's Post.
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St. Patrick's Day Craft

Mrs Cortes says that this easy and fun writing craft can have multiple uses as you celebrate St. Patrick's Day in the classroom. Spanish and English versions are included. Grades PreK-12. By Mrs Cortes.
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Shamrock Shakes, Freezes & Floats {3 Adapted Recipe Units}

This packet contains three adapted recipe units. The Autism Helper says that cooking is a fun and motivating activity that is great for language development, fine motor skills, reading and following directions. Each unit contains a visual and written recipe, comprehension activities and more. Grades PreK-1.
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St. Patrick's Day Trivia Game

This trivia game includes 10 St. Patrick's Day-themed multiple-choice questions, plus answer sheets and funny certificates to give to the winners. Grades 5-8. By Presto Plans.
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Count, Color and Name St. Patrick's Adapted Book for Preschool and Kindergarten

The Elementary Helper says that this adapted book is great for small groups, and that it helps students practice identifying the attributes of the number, color, and name of a group of items. Grades PreK-K. By The Elementary Helper.
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Lucky Penny St. Patrick's Day Poetry Fun Pack

Over the MoonBow says that this engaging resource features a fun, Lucky Penny poem. It contains a sequencing activity, recipe, poem poster, pocket chart cards, a variety of poem formats to fully differentiate, and more. Grades PreK-2. By Over the MoonBow.
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The Leprechaun's Pot

This pdf eBook follows the tale of Roisin as she plans for her wedding. Unfortunately, she breaks her family's only pot and must seek the help of a leprechaun to overturn her misfortune. Also included is an accompanying audio file so that students can listen along to the story. Grades 10-12. By Cricket Media.
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