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10 Resources for May

10 Resources for May

It's time to see some May flowers after all those April showers! There's a lot to celebrate with your students this month, including Mother's Day, Memorial Day, and Spring being in full bloom. Get ready for these holidays and more by discovering these supplemental materials created by HMH Marketplace providers.

Spring is Here!

Wendy Nicole says that this outdoor activity allows students to engage with nature while  practicing observational skills as they identify signs that Spring is coming. Grades PreK-1. By Wendy Nicole. 
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Garden Club Quick Kit

Teacher Peach says that this resource is a great way to incorporate hands-on Earth Science into the classroom. It includes templates for club meeting announcements, plans, and activities. Grades PreK-8.  By Teacher Peach. 
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Spring Fractions Problem Solving Task Cards & Craftivity

Susan Powers PYP Teaching Tools says that this resources is a great way to put a springtime twist on teaching fractions. Students can solve the word problems on the task cards, or work on their "fraction flower" craftivity.  Grades 3-5. By Susan Powers PYP Teaching Tools.  
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Plants & Flowers Set Interactive Software

Daydream Education says that these interactive whiteboard charts will engage students with animations, interactive quizzes, and printable worksheets that are all focused on the plant life cycle and the different parts of a flower. Grades 1-7.  By Daydream Education.  
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Mother's Day Writing: Original Easy Poem Template

The Teacher's Post describes these poetry graphic organizers as great templates for a Mother's Day poem. Students can give their poems out as gifts. Also included in this resource are templates for Grandmother or Special Person poems. Grades K-2. By The Teacher's Post.  
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Mother's Day Interactive Glyphs

This resource includes coloring pages, question and response pages, and Mother's Day themed essays. The resource also includes glypths for Father's Day. Grades K-8.  By Mixminder.
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Mother's Day Activities for Elementary Grades (English & Spanish)

Beth Hammett says that this packet includes 35 Mother's Day-themed activities, in both English and Spanish. It includes word searches, coloring pages, writing activities, worksheets, and more. Students can work on their cutting, pasting, and writing skills. Grades PreK-6. By Beth Hammett.   
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Memorial Day and Flag Day Handout and Coloring Activity

HappyEdugator says that this print and go sheet for Memorial Day and Flag Day explains why we celebrate these holidays, and what the colors of the flag symbolize. Grades K-3.  By HappyEdugator.
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Memorial Day Activities: Differentiated Readers: 3 Levels + Illustrated Word Wall

This resource includes three different levels of guided reading about Memorial Day. They include illustrations which students can color and sight words for students to track. Grades PreK-1. By The Teacher's Post.
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End of the Year Memory Wheel

Presto Plans says that this memory wheel will allow students to reflect on various aspects of their school year and it will give them a keepsake to look back on in the future.
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