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10 Resources for September

10 Resources for September

September is here! Supplement your lesson plans with these September-themed games and resources from a variety of providers on HMH Marketplace Also, get a head start on planning autumn activities.

September Choice Board

Winged One says that this is an excellent resource that requires early finishers to use higher level thinking skills. You can use it for independent work time, as well. It includes key words from Bloom's Taxonomy: Create and Evaluate. Grades 3–5. By Winged One.
Download for $1.25

Apple Day

Learn about Molly and how her grandparents planted an apple orchard long ago. Now she wants to make applesauce. This PDF eBook and audio file allows students to read and listen along to the story. This resource also includes a recipe. Grades 4-5. By Cricket Media.
Download for $1.00

September Bingo Game

This set includes 20 boards and cards for 2 levels of play. Students can practice their receptive language, problem solving and vocabulary building skills. Just laminate or print on card stock and it's ready to go. The Autism Helper says that this game is a great way for students to work on turn taking. Grades PreK-1. By The Autism Helper.
Download for $4.50

Labor Day Crossword Puzzle

This printable packet includes a crossword puzzle worksheet, clues, word bank, answer key and 3 writing papers to use when studying history or community helpers. Grades 3-7. By Promoting Success.
Download for $2.50

September Early Finishers Booklet

Winged One says to use these creative and critical thinking activities to provide enrichment for those early finishers in your classroom. Such activities include, School Day Perspectives, Create Your Own School Comic Strip, Design Your Own Game, and more. Grades 2-4. By Winged One.
Download for $2.00

September 11 Interviews Assignment

This resource comes with five questions for students to ask an adult (parent, grandparent, family friend, aunt, uncle etc.) about September 11, 2001. Presto Plans says that this makes for a great presentation in class. Grades 7-10. By Presto Plans.
Download for $1.00

September SMARTBOARD Calendar

This calendar can be used during your morning routine or Math block. Mrs Cortes says that students will enjoy the colorful and theme-based graphics, while it reinforces previously taught skills or newly introduced concepts. Students will review time, money, patterns, weather and the problem of the day. This calendar is available in English and Spanish. Grades K-2. By Mrs Cortes.
Download for $8.99

First Day of School Questions

Presto Plans says to make your first day back to school easy with this ready-to-use assignment. This can be done as a quiet in class assignment or as homework. The resource includes 18 different questions for students to answer about themselves. Grades 8-12. By Presto Plans.
Download for $1.00

Football File Folder Activities

Students can practice sorting, counting, matching, patterns, numbers and letters with these hands-on activities. The Elementary Helper says that this packet is great because it is easy to store and can be used to target fine motor skills. Grades PreK-K. By The Elementary Helper.
Download for $4.50

September 11 PowerPoint

This editable presentation has over 100 slides about the events that took place on September 11, 2001. HappyEdugator says that it can be used by Language Arts, Social Studies and History teachers. Quick review questions are also included at the end. Grades 4-12. By HappyEdugator.
Download for $4.00